Boys Republic

Pasadena Auxiliary Extends Holiday Assistance to Disadvantaged Students
Released on April 7, 2009

It was a one-time event. Boys Republic Thrift Store in Altadena decided to give away its merchandise. Shortly before Christmas, members of the Pasadena Auxiliary opened their doors for a select group of lucky customers — students from Girls Republic and Monrovia Day Treatment.

The majority of students admitted into Boys Republic and Girls Republic programs come from economically-challenged backgrounds. They are often without the means to participate in Christmas giving. So, Auxiliary members decided to help them enrich others' lives. Students, many of whom volunteer at the Thrift Store, were provided an opportunity to select a few items as gifts for immediate family members.

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Founded in 1911, the all-volunteer Pasadena Auxiliary has developed a tradition of caring and service for Boys Republic's students. Over the years, their charitable activities generated much-needed funding and considerable publicity for Boys Republic. Their longest-running endeavor was dubbed "The World's Largest Rummage Sale" by local media. From 1914-1986, the twice-yearly sales attracted as many as 10,000 customers to a single event.

Today, the Auxiliary brings the same care and dedication to their charge. They hold an annual Christmas party with gifts for every student. They provide scholarship awards at annual award ceremonies. And they continue to provide financial support for a wide range of projects at Boys Republic and Girls Republic.

Since 1986, the Auxiliary has operated the profitable Boys Republic Thrift Store in Altadena. The store is a service to the students of Boys Republic as well as to the local community. Local customers derive significant benefit from the bargains they find. Net proceeds of approximately $70,000 each year provide vital support for the programs of Boys Republic and Girls Republic